'I get it': A letter to a first-time mum from a mum of three

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'I get it': A letter to a first-time mum from a mum of three

1.3K February 5, 2018
Dearest newborn mum — congratulations! 
This is the most joyful, exhausting, amazing and challenging time of your life. 
You have just been handed a screaming bundle of cute (that you have grown yourself) and now you have to do everything in the world to keep them safe and happy. 
Responsibility much? 
But I'm here to tell you that this wonderful rollercoaster of emotions and daunting tasks not only gets easier, but the rewards are exponential. I am now in the lovely position of having three little ones, aged 7, 5 and 3 and I can tell you that it gets better and better. 
It is impossible to ever be prepared for how it feels to finally meet the little person you have been dreaming about for so long. You can finally put a face to the kick! But what is even more amazing, is that as you gradually find out who they really are — through their growing personality and their own little quirks, you fall in love a little more every single day. 
I still marvel at my three-year-old daughter, who is growing out of her babyhood much too fast for my liking. The newborn squeals turn into smiles and then gurgles and finally words — and you have the best seat in the house. 
I know the nights are hard, and feeling like you are not sure that what you're doing is right, but we have all been that new mum soldier and I can assure you that:
1. It is a steep but very short learning curve
2. You are doing an amazing job by simply being their mum. 
The explosive nappies and zombie-tired days slowly turn into something a lot more manageable and even more magical. Before you know it you will be the world expert of burping your baby and have a PhD in making them laugh. And there is always concealer. 
Enjoy ALL the moments — enjoy EVERY part of this journey.
I watch my little ones starting school and speaking their own little minds and I'm embracing all the changes that come with this period in our lives but I know that those baby snuggles are beyond precious and I crave them still.
Relish those quiet periods in the middle of the night where everything is still. Those moments that despite your sleepiness, you cannot tear your eyes off their perfect little faces as they snuggle into your chest.
These are the moments that stack one on top of the other and they make us the mums that we are — they grow and grow into towers of love that will support these little beauties for all their lives. And there is nothing more important in the world.
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