Family car review: The Honda CR-V

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Family car review: The Honda CR-V

2.4K January 17, 2019
 We all know those people at work, the loud, obnoxious ones that think that throwing their weight around will get them to the top. But who said you had to be in-your-face and shouty to succeed? Us, we prefer the slow and steady type —  or at least the ones with their heads down, improving and observing until they float quietly to the top. That’s why we knew we were going to love the Honda CR-V. in 2018, it was named the SUV of the Year, with Motor Trend calling it ‘the quiet achiever’. In fact, they described the new CR-V as ‘a supreme example of the calm, confident composure that delivers in all categories. It outscored 23 other contenders in Motor Trend’s SUV category.
What we lack in technical expertise when it comes to car reviews, we make up for with our parenting savvy, mum’s taxi perception and it-needs-to-fit-ALL-the-gear skills. There is a special place in heaven for us mums, ferrying about three wild monkeys, a boot-load of shopping while answering questions about penguin’s habitats and meal planning for the week. Having a smooth, safe and comfortable ride is the least we can expect, right? RIGHT?

At a glance, when we picked up the Honda CRV from Clonskeagh Motors we were pleasantly surprised by the plush interior and large boot. Plenty of room for the double buggy and a week’s worth of Dunnes shopping, alongside the various sports paraphernalia we have collected over the years and inevitably need at any given time. It helped that the lovely Father-Daughter team at Clonskeagh Motors were helpful and informative.  We set off and immediately noticed that the suspension is soft, the steering responsive and the driving position is high and intuitive. As standard, it comes with traction control, anti-lock braking, electronic brake distribution, brake assist for added pedal pressure during an emergency stop, tyre pressure monitoring and LED daytime running lights. All models also have a multi-angle review camera with wide views and fixed backup guidelines.

We felt safe as we motored from school to swimming to playdates to beavers and gymnastics. The lane-keeping assistance and road departure mitigation features give peace of mind when you have seriously precious cargo. We also enjoyed peacocking (Let’s be honest, it is a good-looking car) and were reluctant to drive back to the forecourt of Clonskeagh motors. Happily, our normal family car (now seeming rather dull in comparison) had been given a thorough winter check and valet which took the sting out of the tail of having to give up our ride. If you want a safe and eye-catching family car and top-notch customer service, we’d suggest a visit to Clonskeagh Motors in South Dublin– not least to browse their impressive stock – but to see for yourself how success can come to all quiet achievers.
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